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"Training For How You Really Live"

Are you ready for real life in the Streets? 

You can be with The Urban Hound class.  This class teaches you how to manage your dog when out in public. You'll learn how to practice amongst the everyday distractions you and your dog will come across in your daily activities; Children, cars & trucks, bikes, other dogs, motorcycles, and discarded food.  All these and more provide excellent distractions for working and training your dog.


If you like to travel then this class is a must do as we cover proper hotel etiquette, as well as dining with your canine and getting ready for airline or camper travel.


We'll cover: 

  • Exiting Doors and Gates

  • Jumping Up

  • Stealing Food - Dropped Garbage

  • Greeting People

  • How to Behave in a Store

  • Settle/Relax

  • Busy Streets Control. 

  • Elevator Etiquette


Our Street Skills further builds on the exercises and skills taught in Puppy Foundations and Canine Building Blocks.


ON-Going Classes - You may begin any week you wish. **











*   Tuition Incl. tax, Handouts & Clicker

**  Based on availability of open slots                  

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Dogwise Urban Hound Student
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