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As a Certified and Accredited Professional as well as a long time business owner, I'm often asked to mentor young people or trainers wishing to enter or gain experience and knowledge in the profession of Dog Training.   Individuals will offer their time in exchange for learning opportunities.  This offering of time is not paid, nor is there a mentorship "charge".  The mentorship is free when I have space available and may be discontinued at any time.


If I choose to mentor an individual I'll want someone who is dedicated to their chosen field, who is striving to be educated and better informed, and has the desire to put in the work often required to become successful. I'll want to work with an individual who is willing to abide by a code of ethics when it comes to the humane methods and treatment of animals they work with.



Working with or teaming up with a more experienced professional can take you to the next level both in your career and your business pursuits.  Whether you're just at the beginning of your career or have been in business or a profession for some years and just need a different view, mentorships are invaluable.  A more experienced individual can quite often offer support and guidance as well as assist you in making career changes or networking in your industry that you may not be aware of. They can help you make educated choices or steer you in the direction of other professionals.

Choosing the right mentor for you and your goals is important - entering into a mentoring relationship needs to be in line with your goals.  Both you and your chosen mentor will need to ensure a "Good Fit".  Chose carefully as many successful Mentorships can and often do last a lifetime. They can even turn into paid positions.

KNOW THE DIFFERENCE . . . How much does it cost?


There is often confusion as to what a mentor is. The definition of true mentoring is a non-commercial i.e. no money exchanged, relationship.  A mentor should be someone who is willing to help you and pass along their knowledge to the "next generation" without the expectation of any fee.


When you are asked to pay for mentorship, these individuals are not helping or mentoring you in the true sense but rather offering you a "product or service". That is not a mentor but an act of commerce.  The point of a mentor is to find an individual that you can emulate and who actively works to educate you on a variety of issues and ways of thinking in your chosen profession - in this case, Professional Dog Training and/or Behaviour


Mentors are guides and teachers who offer guidance based on their experience in a particular field and should NOT be charging you.  If a Mentor wants to charge you then we need to call them what they are a BUSINESS CONSULTANT - They are not a Mentor but rather a Business Consultant and you are paying for those business services.  

What you can pay for - and indeed should pay for - are Advisors, Consultants, and Tutors, all of which are commercial relationships based upon up-front defined costs and receivables.  If the cost or price is not defined or stated you are probably better not to invest your time or money with this individual.  “Mentoring” is something much rarer, natural, and priceless - given freely by an individual who wishes to pass their knowledge and invest in the next generation in the profession.  


These can be both unpaid or paid opportunities for learning.  When paid it is at a lower beginner rate.  Again, it's the time of the intern that is being offered in exchange for learning.  Please make sure you're aware of whether the Internship is paid or unpaid BEFORE you agree and start.  Internships are usually for a specific time frame and can often turn into paid jobs.  

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