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Policies & FAQ



We want to make sure you are aware of the process for REGISTERING  and ATTENDING CLASS.

Please familiarize yourself with our policies as shown below. For additional information or questions on training please feel free to email us:


When you hit “SUBMIT” during the registration & tuition payment process you will be agreeing to the following dogWISE Terms & Conditions:

Additional Information We Need You To Know


Is My Dog Ready For Class - Health & Well Being . . .
  • Your dog or puppy does need to be healthy and free from any parasites or contagious diseases. They must have their first set of shots.  Older dogs must be current on vaccines.  When you hit SUBMIT on your registration you are attensting to this fact.

  • If your dog has diarrhea, is lethargic, has an injury or is vomiting, coughing, or sneezing they SHOULD NOT attend class - Check with your Veterinarian immediately.

  • Dogs should be up to date on vaccinations or have been Titer tested.  Please do not bring your dog to class on the same day they get a vaccine as they may not be feeling in tip-top shape and ready to pay attention.

  • Dogs must not exhibit reactive or any aggressive behaviour towards other dogs or humans for regular classes. 



Are You Ready For Class - Prepared & Respectful . . .
  • For the safety of ALL attending, both Humans & dogs, we do need to have everyone follow dogWISE class rules. 
    This means being respectful of other dogs and not allowing your dog to invade the space of any other dog.

  • Children and other family members are welcome and encouraged to attend as long as there is an extra parent
    along for supervision of the child. The minimum age for children attending class is 10yrs of age.

  • Please give us advanced notice if your children will be attending.

  • If you have any special needs or requirements please let us know ahead of time so we are prepared for you.

  • BRING your training materials & binders to each class.

  • Timely attendance is appreciated - we don't want you to miss out on any class instructions.


We do like to take Photos & Videos . . .
  • We are very proud of our students and clients successes and periodically like to highlight their success.  With this in mind students and clients should be aware and understand that lesson sessions may be photographed or video recorded. They may be used for teaching, lesson reviews or marketing. (Facebook & Company Website)


Tuition Payments

All classes will require PayPal, Cash or E-transfers before attendance at class will be permitted.


Terms & Conditions:

  • Payment is required to guarantee your spot in the class.

  • No refunds or cancellations of this contract after the first class

  • It is expected that the owner will maintain and reinforce training protocols outside of the training sessions given by Dogwise.

  1. Trainee acknowledges and agrees that neither Dogwise Training Center ("Trainer"), nor any of its employees, members, or agents shall be held liable for any damages (incidental, consequential, and/or special), losses, injuries, claims, negligence, harm, financial loss, sums of money, attorney's fees, costs and/or causes of action (hereinafter "Damages") associated with the instruction, consultation, and training services as may be associated with and/or contemplated by the sessions in which Trainee is participating with his/her/their dog. Trainee agrees to restrain his/her dog during the group class or private session. Trainee accepts responsibility for any actions of his/her dog against Trainer.

  2. Trainee acknowledges that training, consulting, and instruction (including behaviour modification) is an inherently dangerous activity and therefore agrees that he/she/they are aware of and do hereby assume all risks associated with the instruction, consultation, and training, including but not limited to any dog bites or attacks to any person or property during a session or at any time hereafter. While Trainer uses best practices accepted by the profession, no guarantee is made of your dog's behaviour, now or in the future.   

  3. Trainee hereby agrees to indemnify and hold harmless Trainer, and its employees, members, and agents against any Damages resulting from claims made by any third party due to any actions of Trainee's dog, including but not limited to any dog bites or dog attacks. 

  4. Trainee agrees to release and hold harmless Heather Lawson, individually, from any and all Damages associated with her being the instructor. 

  5. Trainee grants permission for Trainer to take and use pictures of dog, training class, and trainee in promotional materials.

  6. Trainer may cancel the contract under the following conditions: (1) failure to pay, (2) returned check, (3) cancellations or postponing of training sessions, (4) failure of Trainee to engage in appropriate training exercises, (5) disregard for Trainer's recommendations and/or training methods. 

  7. Trainer has the right to dismiss dogs deemed disruptive &/or dangerous to regular class participation. Alternative options to be discussed.

  8. Trainee hereby LEGALLY attests their puppy or dog is current and up to date on vaccines for the age of the puppy/dog.  By hitting the SUBMIT button for registration Trainee thereby releases Dogwise Training Center & Heather Lawson from any liability regarding vaccines.




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