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About dogWISE Training


Confused about how to train your dog?  
We know you want what's best for your dog when it comes to their training whether as a family companion or a competitive obedience dog. At dogWISE, we focus on helping you develop good manners and skills with your dog as they learn about life with you, your family and the world at large. 


We will guide you in educating your dog or puppy using positive, reward-based training methods based on the science of learning. We'll also help you develop a training plan that is easy to implement and incorporate into your everyday activities.

Our Training Programs are completely designed with adaptability in mind.  Even for our Mini Group or Group Classes.  This enables us to meet the individual needs of each owner and their canine companion.  We can follow the basic programs or custom design a program specifically for you.  All our programs are based on and driven by scientifically proven learning theory that works for all animals and all species even us humans.  


If your goal is a well-behaved family companion or you are interested in a Dog Sport Activity you can do with your dog, you've come to the right place. We invite you to learn more about the benefits of training for you and your canine companion. 


"When the person & the dog understand each other they grow together & stay together.  Training is about providing choice to the animal within a safe learning environment"

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Our Team

The Human & Canines of dogWISE Training


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Heather Lawson

Director of Training


Rae-Dawn Zuckerman

Assistant Trainer

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