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Training Methods

Our training methods are simple,  positive and force-avoidant based.  We strive to keep the training process easy, clear and enjoyable for you and your dog and that's why we love, use and incorporate reward and marker-based training into our classes.   


Our favourite training currency with the dogs, of course, is food rewards but we also include loads of praise, life-rewards, play and even management to help train and acquire the behaviours you're looking for.  


We don't only focus on positive training, we also take the puppy or dog's emotional state into account.  It is important that your dog feel both comfortable and safe in varying environmental situations and with the people they may meet.


Dogs are opportunistic beings and this means they learn very quickly what works and what doesn't work simply by the consequences they receive.  By setting them up for success through good management,  rewarding behaviours we like, and ignoring or re-directing and yes, even interrupting behaviours we do not like, we can help them acquire excellent manners and behaviour that stay with them as they grow to become a well-mannered family companion.

Corgie DogWISE Student
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