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TEAM Up With A Trainer

Team up with us, the Trainer, to give your patients the best behavior support available!

Karen Pryor Academy provides veterinarians with a reliable, quality controlled nationwide network of dog trainers who teach and train using exclusively positive reinforcement principles.


KPA Certified Training Partners maintain high client service standards and have the "know how" to build productive relationships with veterinarians.


When asked to consult, observe and assess a client's behavior problems, we take the following steps:

  • In-Home behaviour assessment (with accompanying video documenttion if necessary)

  • Assessment report and follow-up reports to primary and referring veterinarians

  • In-home implementation of veterinary treatment plan for behavior patients.

From basic new-puppy issues, common adolescent manners, impulse control issues to serious behavioural problems.  We're here to help!

KPA Certified Training Partners are well-versed in positive, force free training that will help to make visits to the vet or groomer less stressful.



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