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Helping Your Patients

dogWISE Training can help dogs become calm, cooperative veterinary patients. We use only positive, force-free, humane methods in our training. The benefits of clicker training are many including rapid and long-lasting learning that strengthens the human-animal bond.

Here are just a few of the ways we can help your patients have a great experience when visiting the vet's office:

  • Teaching dogs to be calm and cooperative for routine veterinary exams and procedures such as acquiring a temperature, getting weighed, examining teeth, ears and so on. 

  • Teaching dogs who are in need of life-long ear medication or eye medication to volunteer for the daily medications - Get rid of the wrestling matches.

  • Implementing behavioural modification for dogs who are fearful, stressed and worried at the vet's office.

  • Desensitising dogs to nail trims, wearing a muzzle, wearing a cone collar to prevent wound damage or anything else that a dog may find uncomfortable.

  • Conditioning dogs to low-stress restraint handling methods from the time they are young puppies.

  • Providing In-Home New Puppy training for the new puppy and their family covering areas such as:

    • biting & nipping

    • calm behaviour 

    • potty training

    • crate training

    • other things that can overwhelm new puppy owners




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