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Multi-Function Leash by Blue-9


Looking for a double attachment leash that does it all? Let us walk you through it.Shorten it, lengthen it, loop it or double clip with a harness.It’s made of nylon like many leashes, but the similarities end there. This multi-function dog leash is the jackknife of leashes with six-in-one functionality. With two clips and multiple attachment points, it can be used as a 3.5 foot leash, regular six-foot lead or double clipped attachment for our Balance Harness. You can even loop it over your shoulder as a secure hands-free leash.



Simple Length Adjustment

Quickly converts from a 6 foot to 3.5 foot leash. 

Hands-Free Use

Unique attachments allow it to be worn over-the-shoulder.

Use with Balance Harness 

Pairs perfectly with our highly adjustable dog training harness. 

No-Pull Solution 

Attach to both leash attachment points on our Balance Harness for ultimate control


Available in two webbing widths. 
Small/Medium: 5/8ths inch webbing

Medium/Large: 1 inch webbing

Multi-Function Leash by Blue-9

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