Multiple Adjustments: Allow for Freedom of Movement Prevent Chafing when fitted properly Proper fit to your dog's individual

Better Fit, Safer for Your Dog

"The most diverse Harness providing multiple adjustments allowing you to fit your dog’s individual body type as well as flexible leash attachments to accommodate your individual preference."


Balance Harness

  • This is a walking harness and should only be put on your dog when you're about to head out for your daily adventure.  Remove the harness immediately after your walk or activity.  Do not leave it on your dog in the car or when they are in their crates or may be unattended as they may chew through the harness or get caught up in an unsafe manner.

  • Is your dog under the age of 2 and still growing/ filling out?

    • Choose the larger size to allow your dog to grow into it.

    If your dog is completely grown, determine which option would give you the most room for adjustment.

    • For example, if your dog measures 24 inches, the size small would only allow you to expand 1.5 inches greater than your dog’s current girth measurement. The size medium would allow you to tighten 3 inches below your dog's current girth measurement. The size Medium/Large allows zero room to tighten below your dog's current girth measurement and therefore would be too big.  In this case, the size Medium would be best for your dog.

    Still struggling to decide between the Medium and Medium/Large?

    • We typically recommend the Medium/Large for dogs 40 lbs and over and with an appropriate girth size. We feel the wider webbing is more comfortable for strong pullers as it disperses the weight more evenly around and across the dog.