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Private Training Packages

What could be better than a Personal Trainer!  We know that time is at a premium for everyone these days. We'll work with you to develop a personalised training plan that suits your specific needs. Best of all we'll come right to your home to do it.


Some of the issues we can address with private training are:

  • Basic Household manners such as jumping, sit, down, stay & settle

  • Leash manners; walking politely on leash, pulling to sniff  

  • Recalls coming when called with distractions

  • Problem behaviours such counter surfing, demand barking & whining

Puppy sleepig

Puppy Home-schooling 

In the home schooling program, we start at the very beginning by introducing your puppy to positive, reward-based training.  We teach you how to condition your puppy to grooming, nail clipping, teeth and ear exams (including cleaning) and overall handling. Appropriate Chewing and Puppy Biting are also addressed and we'll show you how to safely and age-appropriately introduce early socialization and environmental conditioning to build your puppy's confidence, mental development, and the social skills they'll need as they grow.  

You have the following options:

1.5 HR. LESSON - $150

6 PACK - $ 485 SAVE $85
12 PACK - $ 965 SAVE $185

Puppy & Dogwise Studen

Personal Coaching 1:1 - You & Puppy

Here's where we come to you and work in the privacy of your home.  Together we work out a detailed plan and program that best suits your needs.  Each lesson plan can be customized to meet you and your dog's individual needs.  You'll get weekly homework sheets, along with additional helpful resources for further reading. You'll have email and phone support between sessions for the duration of your lesson package to ensure we keep you on track and successfully moving forward. 

You have the following options:

1 HOUR LESSON - $150

6 PACK - $ 485 SAVE $85
12 PACK - $ 965 SAVE $185
Labrado dog
Canine U - Package For Adult Canines
This is where we work privately 1:1 with your dog either at home or while out enjoying a walk when you're at work.  We work on the behaviours that meet your specific needs, spiff up already known cues or begin with the basic foundations. Each week we'll do a "transfer session" with you & your dog so you know exactly how to maintain all the great new behaviours your dog has learned. ** Individual Packages may be adjusted based on an assessment.
1 HOUR LESSON - $150
6 PACK - $ 585 SAVE $85
12 PACK - $ 985 SAVE $185

Need More Information - Please give us a shout!
Heather:  604-986-9663 OR  Email:


Set  Up An Environment For Learning  ~  Be Prepared ~ Have A Plan 
Set your dog up for SUCCESS

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