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HEADStart Puppy

Our HEADStart Puppy is based on and follows the PUPPY START RIGHT Curriculum developed by Dr. Ken Martin & Debbie Martin for Karen Pryor Academy. It is taught by certified instructor Heather Lawson, KPA CTP, CPDT-KSA.  The Puppy Start Right curriculum ensures you and your puppy have all the skills you need to get off to a great start.


The period between 8-20 wks. of age is the critical stage when social development and behaviour are formed.  This is an important stage in your puppy's social and mental development so it is very important to get your puppy out into the world to experience what life will be like with you.  Positive experiences will provide your new puppy with all the tools they'll need to grow up and be a Good Canine Companion during this critical stage.  

Puppy Foundation Includes:

  • Follow Me - Pre Loose Leash Work

  • Coming When Called

  • Greeting Our Guests - Head to YOUR SPOT

  • Sits & Downs

  • Remain In Place & Wait

  • Trade Please:  That's not good for you

  • Touch Me Please!

    • Introduction & Guide to Handling your puppy

    • Vet Visits

    • Meeting The Groomer

  • Introduction to Hand Signals & Adding Verbal Cues

  • Potty Training 101

PLUS extra guidance during your session on:

Puppy Biting & Mouthy Behaviour
Home Alone Independence Training

Jumping - 4 on The Floor 

Socialize Butterfly - Intro. to sights, sounds, places & people without fear.


No need to wait for a session of classes to start.

You may begin any week you wish.  

Your session of 6 classes begins when you register.










*   Tuition includes Taxes, Student Handbook & Clicker

**  Based on the availability of open slots

Starting Puppy Class

My puppy has their first set of shots can they start class?  Yes!

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