Canine Building Blocks ®

Lifestyle Skills & Manners Training - For Dogs 5 mos. +

This is your basic manners class and the one you head to if you've completed the HEADStart Puppy Foundation and are ready to take it to the next level. It's also the place to start if you are wanting to spiff up and refine skills previously learned or have an older pup/dog who hasn't had any formal schooling yet. 


You'll learn to build on the basics from our HEADStart Puppy foundation or any training you've started.  Canine Building Blocks encompasses all the starter skills but at a more grown-up level. You'll learn how to improve on the Atttention, Focus, Teamwork, & Communication that you've developed so far.

  • Walking - Loose Leash Walking skills

  • Sit (remain in position)

  • Down (remain in position)

  • Stand - For Examination, Grooming or Vet Check

  • Recall - Come but don't jump on me please

  • Off - "Remove yourself from that please"

  • Drop it or Out  - "Drop that disgusting thing"

  • Wait & Stay - It'll be your turn shortly


  • No need to wait for a session of classes to start.

  • Your session of 6 classes begins when you register & choose your date

  • You may begin any week you wish  (see ** below)


*   Tuition includes Taxes,  Student Binder & clicker

**  Based on availability of open slots

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