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Denise FENZI Seminar
August 19 & 20, 2017  (Saturday & Sunday)


Denise, I just wanted to thank-you for such an incredible seminar last weekend.  It was chocked full of information, wonderful dogs and savvy trainers.   I had so many ďah-haĒ moments!   Biggest take-aways: Iíve been struggling for awhile trying to figure out how to put play, engagement and work all into one session, how they fit together.  I worked on them separately with my dogs, but couldnít seamlessly put them together for the full effect.  Now I see the bigger picture, and feel like I know how we can get there.  Second, I learned how much fun heeling can be.  It always seemed so dull and rote.  But the games are fun- my dog loves them and we feel like we are learning. Lastly, the Pockethand- Iíve been working on the exercises from your Precision Heeling class, but couldnít figure out how to get an effective pockethand.  You showed me last weekend, and it has opened so many doors for me and my dogs.  I canít believe how incredibly light my dogs get and how easy it is to move them around.   You are a funny, warm, generous and patient person. I am so glad I had the opportunity to see you in person and participate in this seminar.

Saturday:  Engagement, Personal Play & Toy Play (if time)
Sunday:    Handler's Choice

Hosted By: dogWISE Training (Heather Lawson & Teri Martin)
Location:  TNT Kennels, 27624 Watson Rd., Abbotsford, B.C.


SATURDAY (full day) - Engagement, Personal Play & Toys (if time)

ENGAGEMENT SESSION> The emphasis in this portion will be:
1) helping dogs become comfortable in new spaces via acclimation
2) giving dogs the freedom to ask to work
3) asking for increasingly more of our dogs (eye contact, personal play, and finally, work) before a clasic reward such as toys or food show up.  This seminar also helps participants understand beginning personal play with their dogs.  The end goal of engagement training is a dog that is extremely comfortable in a working space, and who drives the handler to create interaction and work.

PERSONAL PLAY  & TOYS SESSION > The emphasis will be on
excellent toy & personal play - building toy drive in softer dogs or dogs that show limited interest, and building control in stronger teams.  Personal play portion introduces different ways to play
with a dog that does not involve food or toys.

>  10 working Teams.


SUNDAY (full day)  - Handler's Choice (Obedience Only)

Emphasis on allowing extensive working time with each team.  There is no group work.  Each dog's problem or stage of training is discussed, and options for working through the problem or exercise are presented.  The team then practices with continuous feedback from Denise.

>  10 working Teams. 
(Working teams for Sunday MUST have attended Saturday as an auditor)

10 Working Spots are available each Day.  Choose which day you wish to work your dog this will determine the day you must audit.  (Handler & Dog are working only 1 day the other day is an audit day.)

 -  If choosing to work Saturday - you will audit Sunday without dog participation
 -  If choosing to work Sunday - you MUST have audited Saturday without dog participation

COST: Working Spot - $300  (Work 1 day & audit 1 day)
           Audit (2 days) - $200

Saturday:  FULL - No Working Spots left
Sunday:     FULL - No Working Spots left
Audit:        Open (2 day audit or 1 day audit spots available)



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                Teri Martin -


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